Military Zone

This message is to our service members, including Reserves and National Guard personnel in the world.  We all share the pride and dedication that you demonstrate in serving your country.  

Joining the military is a commitment like no other, whether someone is in for a few years or a lifetime career. It is important to service members and their families to feel support from their fellow countrymen/countrywomen. 

While each branch (and the military as a whole) is a tight-knit family of its own, the unique nature of their work can cause servicemen and servicewomen to feel a sense of isolation from the larger population.

So whether you share a close relationship with someone in the military and wish to maintain a strong connection or you are someone who simply wishes to show appreciation or support to our service members, you will find many examples of what to do for military personnel that will resonate with your recipient.

Once again, to all our military members who selflessly serve, dedicate themselves and risk their lives to ensure freedom for their countrymen/countrywomen, we say thank you for your hard work, devotion, dedication and effort. 

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***Note:  proof of military service (active, reserve, retired) may be required to validate your discount and complete your purchase.